A game with a mission


Fall in love with wildlife

Wildverse is created by Internet of Elephants: a group of game geeks, data heads and animal lovers, on a mission to make you fall in love with wildlife. We believe that if we could all look a wild gorilla in the eye, or take a walk through an untouched, lush jungle, we would be more energised to support conservation efforts, and to make changes to our own lifestyles. But not everyone is able to travel to the Congo or Borneo to see these animals in the wild - and that’s probably a good thing. Therefore, we are bringing the wild to you.




Real Animals

To create Wildeverse, we scouted the coolest animals living in the last wild places on earth, and turned them into Augmented Reality game characters. Each of our stars is currently living in the wild. We know their family history and favourite snacks. We know what they do each day, and we know a lot about the challenges they face to get enough food, find their mates, and protect their families.

The cast of Wildeverse 1.0

We are kicking off the first instalment of Wildeverse with two great apes: Chilli the gibbon and Fio the orangutan. In our second version you will meet Buka, the lowland gorilla. More species will be introduced in the next versions of Wildeverse!

Fio the orangutan

Sex: F
Lives in: Borneo

Chilli the gibbon

Sex: M
Lives in: Borneo


Buka the lowland gorilla

Sex: M
Lives in: Republic of Congo
Age: x



Real conservation work

Wildeverse is not just based on the true stories of animals, but also on the people who are working to protect them. We worked with two organisations on the frontlines of conservation to bring their stories to the world.

Goualogo Triangle Ape Project

Groundbreaking research of gorillas and chimpansees in one of the ‘last wild places’ on earth.
A team of researchers is documenting the natural life of gorillas and chimps. here

Borneo Nature Foundation

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let’s form an army of urban conservationists


Your attention matters

Wildlife protection will only be a priority to policy makers if enough people take an interest. We want to make wildlife a positive, exciting topic of daily conversation for millions of people currently unconnected to conservation. Your attention matters more than you think!


Join forces in your own community

Wildeverse connects you to people and organisations near you through in-app messages, inviting you to join local nature and conservation activities.


Support the animals and the people who protect them

In the next version of the game, in-app purchases will be activated. A percentage of the profits will go directly to our conservation partners to support the animals featured in the game.